This web-based application will convert a GURPS character created with GURPS Character Assistant to a Palm database for use with the TealInfo program for PalmOS devices. This will allow you to easily keep copies of your GURPS characters with you on your PalmOS device.

GURPS is the Generic Universal Roleplaying System from Steve Jackson Games.

GURPS Character Assistant is a MS-Windows shareware program created by Armin Sykes to aid in the creation of characters for GURPS.

TealInfo is a PalmOS shareware program from TealPoint Software. It is needed to display this information on your Palm.

To convert your character click the Browse button below and select the *.gca file for your character and then click submit. You will be prompted to save the result to disk. After saving it to disk install it on your Palm using the desktop software that came with your Palm.

Character file to process: